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New Canton NBA D-League at Edgewood

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Read the Press Release Here

Priority Email by Google

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

I’m testing this out… so far, pretty cool? Why not try it out for yourself. Share your thoughts below in a comment…

The Cobbler’s Son Syndrome

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Cobblers! Let me explain. There is a saying that I often use when I’m making excuses for not having something done or having procrastinated making the necessary investment of time or energy into something that needs done.  Specifically in the context of the Cobbler’s Son – the story goes something like this…

There was once a cobbler who worked really hard. He put in alot of hours and became quite a skilled craftsman.  He got married and soon they had a son.  The cobbler was quite successful in his business of making shoes, but for some reason he often neglected making his son a new pair of shoes to wear – often his son would be ridiculed for having some of the most worn out shoes in the school.  The Cobbler would let his son completely wear out his shoes before replacing them.

The question is why? Why do companies sometimes neglect their own well being (or in the case of the Cobbler – neglecting their family) ?  We’ve all seen it.  You know, the lawn mowing service provider that has the worst looking yard in the neighborhood, the painter whose house needs painted, or the communications agency that is moving slowly to upgrade and update their own website (ouch, that one hits close to home).  What about the church leader who encourages everyone else to read their Bible or join a life group, but somehow neglects leading his/her own family to grow in their faith.

My theory – the Cobbler or company is trying so hard to “meet the needs of others/clients” that they end up neglecting their own legitimate needs.  While this can go on for awhile – it is bound to catch up with you.

It takes talent to become a success but it take discipline to maintain success?

Shoes anyone?

Are you any different?

Friday, February 20th, 2009

we are differentWell, are you?  In what way?  Apply this to whatever aspect of life you wish…  Are you handling your finances any differently during this economic recession?  If so, how?  At work, what are you doing to stand out from the crowd?  What are you doing differently to show the people closest to you that you love them?  What are you doing differently to stay in shape physically?

Maybe, like several of my clients at work – you’re adding social media to your marketing mix.  Maybe using LinkedIn a bit more intentionally or experimenting with twitter.  Starting a blog?  Trying to stand out from the crowded Google Search by investing in some Google Adwords?  One thing is for sure.  You’re not standing still.  You are either moving forward and differentiating yourself or your company or you are moving backwards.  You’re developing bad habits with your finances, eating poorly, not exercising or sticking with worn out tired marketing tactics for your company.

How are you any different this year than last?  How are those new year resolutions going?

At quick glance… I’ve changed jobs, added a Golden Retriever Puppy to the family, completed a multi-week cleanse (diet), made some aggressive moves financially, and am rekindling my relationships with my family and my Lord.  It’s alot all at once – for sure.  But, I’m not standing still – I’m moving forward.  I’m different.  Are you?