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Cup of Joe Blog Officially Launches

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Hey…thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve been anticipating the launch of this blog for several months now.  Before I get going…I’d like to start by saying thanks to two very special people.

1) John Hampton – for encouraging me to register “Cup of Joe”… I’ve known John for over 8 years now and have grown to really appreciate him as a leader, preacher, and good friend.  We serve together on staff at First Christian Church in Canton.  Back in January as he relaunched his blog he had some very kind words to share, “I have a creative consultant who has more ideas in one day than I have all year, who will give me honest feedback and practical writing suggestions (Thanks, Cup-Of-Joe! You should get that copyrighted).”  A short time later I was able to register it and today we launch.  Thanks John, this is going to be fun!

2) Kevin Miller – for creating the site and helping me develop the “Cup of Joe” theme.  Kevin is a very talented guy whom I’ve only known a short time.  On several occasions before he and his wife Leah embarked on their journey to Birmingham, England – Kevin and I shared a table at the local Starbucks where we exchanged ideas and got to know one another.  Kevin and Leah are teaming with other like minded individuals to  develop a ministry to university students in Birmingham.  See more of Kevin’s artistic design and read more about their work in England at  Thanks Kevin for everything!  Looking forward to our next Skype session.

Allow me to give you a quick tour of the site…

  • The Welcome page just tries to give you a quick sense of what to expect.  The answer, pretty much anything.  Anything that might help further an idea or spark some discussion.
  • Next, this page, the actual blog page is titled, “What’s Brewing”.  From my most recent posts to a variety of goodies on the right sidebar – this is the page you’ll want to subscribe to or mark in your favorites.  Keep tabs on my latest escapades with my twitter feed found under the mug above.
  • A Snack gives you a sneak peak into some of the online stuff I’ve found interesting recently.  If you find something interesting on the list, click it, read it, and send me a note to discuss.
  • And finally, the About Joe page just give you a bit more info about who’s ramblings you are reading and how to connect further through the use of a variety of social media tools like Facebook.

So pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and spend some time checking out the site..
…thanks for stopping by!