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Integrated & Exchanged

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Greetings all -

I’ve often struggled with preparing blog posts.  Why?  Sometimes it’s been difficult to articulate my thoughts – Sometimes I’ve been bothered by the direction of this blog site – Sometimes I’ve wondered if it has any real direction at all. – Sometimes I’m passionate about a topic, but lack the discipline to sit down and prepare a post.  Sometimes I worry that my post won’t be polished enough. – Sometimes I think about who might be reading my blog and what their reaction might be.  My good friend John Hampton might refer to this stuff as “image management”.

Indeed, their are a wide variety of people in my life who may stumble across my blog (or maybe, because I’m such an incredible marketing guru – they’ll actually find me because I’ve posted links where they are likely to see and click on them – LOL!)  My family might read it, my friends, co-workers, clients, church, fellow pastors, total strangers, etc.  Some topics are likely to be more targeted at certain audiences and some topics might apply across the board.

Here’s what I’m thinking tonight.  This blog will likely reflect an “integrated and exchanged” life going forward.  Why?  Because, honestly – anything less than that won’t be authentic.  Life isn’t about compartmentalizing ourselves into neat little categories.  Life is messy.  Life involves highs and low, ups and downs, various seasons & struggles.  I’m not a son, husband, dad, uncle, friend, co-worker, christian, pastor, entrepreneur, tech junkie, dog owner, or Jesus follower in a vacuum.  I’m all of these things – all at the same time.  Life is integrated.   And, what I write about or post to this blog ultimately will reflect that.

So, how does one live an integrated life?  The best way, I believe is by exchanging our life.  I’m convinced that to live the fully abundant life that Jesus would have for us – we must get out of the way.   I just want to help deliver the Supernatural power of Jesus Christ in whatever way He sees fit – to my family, my friends, total strangers, clients, co-workers, really anyone that God might choose to put in my path.  I can only do this by getting out of the way and allowing Christ to direct my thoughts and actions.  This won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is :-)

Buckle Up!

PS.  Part of me wanted to delete this post after writing it, but alas – publishing this is good for the soul.  Enjoy!