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Priority Email by Google

I’m testing this out… so far, pretty cool? Why not try it out for yourself. Share your thoughts below in a comment…


3 Responses to “Priority Email by Google”

  1. Kevin Miller Says:

    I must not be popular enough to get enough emails to make this helpful to me… that or I’m too efficient. ;) My inbox hasn’t usually had a problem, but maybe that’s not the norm.

  2. Joe Says:

    Might have something to do with that I signed up to be a “Beta” tester for new google products… guessing you did too though… Jury’s out on if it is a time saver or not…. we’ll see.

  3. Kevin Miller Says:

    Priority inbox is available to me, but I’ve switched it off for now. Leah on the other hand is using it and LOVING it. She gets about a thousand email newsletters it seems. It’s learned her patterns really, really well. Seems to get the less important stuff out of the way every time.

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